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Florida Law requires all construction contractor applicants to establish that they are both financially responsible and financially stable prior to issuance of their license(s).

The credit report must contain a:

• FICO derived credit score and
• Statement that Public Records have been searched on Local, State and Federal Levels.

CBJ & Associates, Inc. is an approved Credit Reporting Agency listed on the Florida DBPR/CILB's approved credit reporting agency list. CBJ & Associates, Inc. together with our sister company: BSI Contractor Services, Inc. can ensure the completeness of your Florida Contractors license application.


We also have a Surety Company thru which you will be able to obtain a bond.


You will be required to pay the lien/judgment(s) or establish a payment plan with the creditor.

FICO less than 660? 

You will be required to obtain a Construction Bond OR Irrevocable Letter of Credit.

Special Offer

Did you know there is a credit score requirement when you apply for your licensed after passing the State Contractors exam?

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) only accepts Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) credit scores and reports.

If you do not have a FICO credit score of 660 or higher you will be required to maintain a bond. Be proactive and find out what your FICO credit score is NOW! By improving your score to 660 or higher you will save money every year.

For a limited time CBJ & Associates, Inc. is offering to obtain your FICO credit score for only $15.00!

We will run your credit and provide you with your score. You will then know if you need to improve your score, obtain a construction bond, or celebrate.

If a construction bond is required, contact CBJ Associates, Inc. for information on:

1) How to imporve your credit score or

2) How to reduce your bond requirement in half


This is your credit score.

This is NOT a credit report.

The DBPR will require a complete credit report to activate your license. The $15.00 fee will be applied to the credit report fee.